PUR Water Filter

Nowadays, it is important to have proper health and for that, it is necessary that we drink pure water. If we have a proper body then we can do everything we want. But if we don’t drink pure water it may cause illness and you can’t do anything. To be safe and get immunity we must drink liters of water every day. But, many people drink the water that directly comes from the municipal. You must know that it contains many harmful particles such as chloride, fluoride, and many other contaminants that can make us ill. So, it is necessary that you must have a powerful water filtration system.

In today’s life, you can get many water filters that can purify your water and make it safe to drink. Choosing the right option from many different options is one of the greatest tasks you have. So we have reviewed the top brand’s water filter that can help you to solve all your problems. PUR water filter is one of the brands which provides you a pure drinking water filtration system. So to know more regarding this you can go further as we have provided all the information regarding the brand.

About PUR


PUR is a company that provides us a water filtration system that provides us the pure water to drink. PUR was founded in the year 1986 which was founded by Brian Sullivan, a 24 years old (Harvard economic graduate). It is a division of the company named Helen of troy limited. They are developing innovative and affordable technology for 30 years. Their filters are certified for removing 99% lead. Filter technology of PUR is committed to superior filtration and performance along with innovation.  Activated ion technology is used for removing the contaminants and lead from the water. They provide a water filtration system that is affordable.

PUR Water Filter

PUR is a division of the company named Helen of troy limited which produces the product related to water filtration. This Helen troy company provides products related to Health & Home, Housewares, and Beauty. PUR provides us a water filtration system that can remove more than 99% of lead and 70% of contaminants that are present in the water. Many different kinds of faucets and filters are provided by this company.

History of PUR


PUR is a brand that manufactures and provides us the water filtration that can help to reduce 99% of lead and many other contaminants from water. It is more than 30 years that they are serving as one of the good quality brands along with the affordable water solution. In the year 1986 a 24-year-old, brian Sullivan has formed this brand who was a Harvard economics graduate. A person named Willian butler has survived 66 days at sea along with the PUR survivor 35 in 1989.

The first faucet water filtration along with an automatic safety monitor has been manufactured by PUR in the year 1994. This technology helps the users to know the finish of the filter. It will provide information that the filter has been finished and it can’t remove any more contaminants now. In 1998, they began their product of the first pitcher and dispensers. In 2014, PUR became the first company to achieve the certificate from NSF for the new category of contaminants which is known as “emerging contaminants”. PUR traveled to Flint, Michigan, so that it can aid in relief efforts by testing the lead contaminant water and donating filters.

Contact Details

Official site: https://www.pur.com/

Contact them at https://www.pur.com/contact-us

Call details:

Toll-Free Number: (800) 787-5463

Customer Service: (800) 787-5463, (800) 477-0457

Wrap Up

So here we bring up the end to our writing by saying that PUR is a brand that provides us the product related to water solutions. The water filtration of this company removed 99% of lead and 70% of the contaminants from water. Hope that you might get all the information related to this brand as we have provided all the information related to history. If you have more queries than you can visit their official site.