DuPont Water Filter

Drinking pure and safe water is one of the most important needs that a person has. As we know that the water we drink contains many different kinds of chemicals & contaminants that make us ill. So for that, it is necessary to drink pure & clean water which is purified or filtered. For that, we must have a water filtration system at our home. But when it comes to water filtration systems there are many brands that provide them but the quality varies from one brand to another. It is a must that you have come to this name DuPont while searching for the best water filter. But you won’t have whole information related to it right? Don’t worry you will find each and every piece of information related to it.

About DuPont


DuPont is a company that provides the material that helps the customers and also know as a global leader. This company has introduced two important that helps people from the most dangerous work of environment, the products are a line of air and water filtration product. You can get pure water and clean air will be provided using this product. They help customers by continuously innovating the products related to water filtration. Many kinds of technologies are used by this company, including Reverse osmosis (RO), NanoFiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Ion Exchange, and Electrodeionization.

They also help different industries by helping the production of the product that people use in day to day life. They include municipal, residential, oil & gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemical, Health Care & Bioprocessing, commercial, mining, textile, desalination. Many varieties of products are manufactured by the DuPont company for which the list is mentioned below.


  1. FilmTec™
  2. dupont FilmTec™ Fortilife™
  3. Amber Series
  4. TapTec™
  5. MEMCOR®
  6. inge®
  7. Desalitech CCRO
  8. OxyMem
  9. Ligasep™




DuPont is making synonymous with life-changing activities for many years. The history of DuPont is known as the history of scientific & technological breakouts. The most important thing regarding history is the company’s transformation. To improve the lives of people they are working with the best technology and with their best performance. The acid from nitroglycerin is killing the fish, this taught came into their mind in the 19th century. Lammot DuPont was experimenting with this and how to recover them in the year 1884. The company turned 100 in the year 1902, they were widely respected but they were weighed down by tradition. T. Coleman, Pierre S., and Alfred I. purchased the company from their older relative. They manage the company and built research labs and also new products were marketed such as paints, dyes, and plastic.

This company later on transformed into the plastic industry. In the 1930s the chemical researchers have improved the plastic and added the new one. After the year 1902, they entered the painting and coating industry. In Monterrey and Mexico City they established rayon plants in the year 1952. X-ray films, diagnostic instruments, pharmaceuticals, and the world’s first patented laboratory mouse were included in the medical products of DuPont. In the year 1932, they have introduced the x-ray film. In the year 2018, they have introduced a new company and also change their identity.

Wrap Up

So here, we conclude our write up and say that DuPont is one of the best brands for producing products related to the water filtration system. To stay healthy it is a must that you drink more and more water a day so that your immunity increases. Here, we have provided you with all the information related to this brand along with their history and the products that are manufactured by them. So, if you have any queries or have more information regarding this company then provide them in the comment box provided below.