Culligan Water Filter

As you know that the water that comes to our home is not safe to drink. It contains many different types of contaminants, dust particles, and many more things. You can take any risk for your health and you must have a proper immunity power. To increase immunity you must drink liters of water a day. But, what if you drink water full of chemicals and contaminants? So without taking any risk you must have to drink purified/filtered water. But, another question arises in your mind which is a good company for buying a quality product? Don’t worry, here we have reviewed the Culligan brand which manufactures the best quality product for many years. We have provided all the necessary information related to the company named Culligan along with its history.

About Culligan


Culligan is not only about the water but it is much more than it. Their main motive is to improve the lives of its customers. They provide water everywhere, whether it is home or your office or any other middle place, and make your life more enjoyable. Culligan is a brand that provides quality water products for many years and has a reputation in the market. They are known to be a staple of drinking water for 80 years. They provide high-quality water softeners, water purifiers, and many products at an affordable rate. Culligan helps us to save money by improving the efficiency of appliances. You will find a Culligan dealer near you.

Culligan Products

There is a variety of products that are manufactured by Culligan. So, to provide you full information we have provided the list of the products that are manufactured by Culligan company. List of the product is,

  • Water softeners
  • Water filters
  • Salt-free water system
  • Whole house system
  • Drinking water system
  • Bottle-free coolers
  • Bottled water coolers
  • Air purification system


History of Culligan


In the year 1936, Emmett Culligan established the brand Culligan in Northbrook, Illinois. He was just having $50.00 in his pocket when he stated it. His brother  Dr. John M. Culligan and sister Anna V. Culligan financed extra money for him. He builds up this company along with his brothers, Drs. John and Leo Culligan.

The first portable exchange water softener was established in the year 1938 by innovating it with lightweight tanks and carts. In the year 1932, the government asks Culligan to produce silica gel, that is used for dehumidifying moisture sensitive equipment. The concept of ‘Hey’ Culligan is conceived in 1953.

They celebrated their 25th anniversary in the year 1961 and temporarily renames Culliganville. This Culligan company has been expanded internationally in the year 1966. They manufactured their first reverse osmosis water treatment system in the year 1967. They expanded their company by providing watered bottles to different companies and for home use in the year 1988. The Gold softener sets the standard and became the first highest volume softener in the year 2003. They launched the aqua clear RO that got more than 100 configurations in the year 2008. Culligan releases the world’s most efficient softener in the year 2010.

Final Verdict

So, here we bring up end to our write up on the Culligan brand. Culligan is not only about the water but much more than water. They improve the lives of customers by providing quality water and safe water to drink. It makes your life enjoyable by providing the water not only at your home but also at your office, They produce the best quality of the water filters and product related to it. Hope that the information which we have tried to provide you here might be helpful to you. In case you have any query or any related questions then you can visit their official website.