Berkey Water Filter

Buying a good water filter for your home essential nowadays. As you know there is so much pollution everywhere, if you want to stay healthy and fit then you must get one water filter to get clean water. We know that you are willing to know the complete history of Berky water filters. Yes, you will get complete detailed information in the next section. As for your ease of understanding, we have divided it into clauses. Check it out and figure out that it fits your requirements. If yes, then you can directly order one now for your home.

Products of Berkey Water Filter 

  • Royal Berkey water filter
  • Big Berkey water filter


Berkey Water Filter


As you know the Berkey company is one of the most popular companies in the USA market. They provide excellent products to their valuable customers. Berkey has many popular products like  Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Berkey light, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, Crown Berkey. They have currently all these products available in the market as per your requirement you can choose accordingly. The Berkey water filter is a family-owned company, so they focus on how to provide clean water to all the families. The Berkey uses excellent purification technology, all the Berkey filters are equipped with unique purification elements.

All the stages of filters have microscopic pores. The filters trap all the contaminants and allow the water to flow. All the filtration techniques are known as microfiltration systems. All the contaminants like lead, chlorine, zinc, metals, dust removed by the Berkey filters. If you want to keep your family healthy then you must get a water filter now. If you have good water then you will have a great morning every day with a fresh glass of water. That you are sure about that it will not harm you anyhow. Always choose the water filter that is durable and reliable and gives you great tasting water.

Company History


As mentioned earlier the Berkey is a family-owned company, they always try to aware people about water quality. If you want to have good health then first you must get a new Berkey water filter. All the Berkey water filters use the natural process of removing harmful contaminants. Due to the unique structure, the contaminants trap and water is purified. The combination of filtration media and micropores traps all the chemicals and unwanted bacterias from the water. You will see many water filters claiming to remove 99% contaminants from the water.

Most of them fail to meet their words, But the Berkey water filters known as a purifier. If the water filter needs to pass the quality check then it must be able to remove 99% of contaminants from the water. Berkey water filters actually pass the quality check with 99.999%.  Much third-party quality checks are done on Berkey but still, Berkey makes through it. The Department of Toxicology & Environmental Science at Louisiana University has also tested the Berkey water filter with EPA & ANSI/NSF testing method.


In conclusion, we end this article, we hope that you got all your answers. you have a clear vision about Berkey water filter systems. As in this article, we have discussed the Berkey water filters, and how does it work. If you are interested then you can check out the products you will the Berkey products you can directly order from there. If still, you have any doubts then feel free to comment all your question down below in the comment section below. We will reach out as soon as possible with all the answers.