Aquasana Water Filter

As you nowadays drinking clean water is essential for everyone. Almost all the water is contaminated with germs, chemicals, and many other harmful contaminants. To get healthy water you need to install a water filter in your home. How will you choose the water there are my water filters in the market right. Here in this article, we have explained some details about the Aquasana water filter. If you know some background details then you might trust the company and select the perfect water filter for your house. We have divided all the information into different sections for your ease of understanding. In the next section, you will get knowledge of the company in detail.

Products of Aquasana water filter

  • Aquasana AQ-5300
  • Aquasana Whole House


Brief About Aquasana


Aquasana water filter is a well-known company that is serving people for more than the last 2 decades. They are one of the leading manufacturers in the USA market. They have an amazing customer base and they always try to provide new features to all the customers. You will feel the difference in every drop of water, from Aquasana water filters. The products they provide will give you the best quality of water, great-tasting, & healthy water. Once the products assembled they directly go through third-party rigorous NSF standard quality checking.

Once the product passes the quality check, the product is out of delivery to the customers. Not only remove the contaminants the Aquasana water filter adds all the minerals, calcium, magnesium& potassium, to the water to make the water healthy & safe. They have amazing engineering & design they always try to reduce the waste and try to reuse the materials of the outer casing of filters. To stay healthy you will need a powerful water filter that removes all the contaminants from the water and makes it healthy such as Aquasana.

Company History

Aquasana was established in 1999, since then they are serving the people with amazing water filters and many other household tools. They always try to provide clean water to everyone, at a very economical price range. The Aquasana water filter was found by Charles strand, they came to know that their son was going through respiratory sensitivity because of chlorine found in normal tap water. So they tried various different water filters to reduce the effect of chlorine. But, there was no improvement in the health of their son, so they decided to make their own water filter at home.

He got successful in this plan and then he patented the product and sold thousands of products in a decade. In today’s time, they manufacture many other various products in different segments such as the countertop, under-counter,& whole house water filters. Aquasana water filter removes 99% contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, chemicals, herbicides, lead, etc. All these contaminants are found in your normal tap water which the water filter removes. In addition, the Aquasana water filter adds minerals like potassium & calcium to the water to make it great tasting & healthy for the human body.


In conclusion, we end this article, here & we hope that you got all the answers related to Aquasana water filters. If you think that the Aquasana water filters will fit in your daily needs then you must get one now. We have almost all the products of Aquasana you can select from them. If you still have any confusion related to Aquasana then feel free to comment all your questions down below. We will try to reach out as soon as possible with all the answers.