Drinking pure and safe water is the most essential thing in today’s world. So, it is a must that we should have a water filtration system at our home only then we will get pure water to drink. The reason for having water filtration for homes is that the water from municipal is containing different kinds of contaminants. Here we have provided the list of the brands that we have reviewed in our articles on the best filters. So you can find the best system for your house by getting the information on different brands.

Top Brands


Berkey, a well-known company and the most popular company for manufacturing the best filtration system for your home or commercial purpose. Travel Berkey, Big Berkey, Berkey light, Royal Berkey, Imperial Berkey, Crown Berkey are the products which they are mostly known for. They use a microfiltration system for all the techniques. It is a family-owned company that helps you to drink the purest and the safest water. Read More.


iSpring is one of the best family-owned company that provides us water solution. There is a certain filtration system manufactured by them that are helpful for both homes as well as the commercial need. iSpring is located in the greater metro Atlanta area for the last two decades. Their main motive is to provide the customer with the cleanest and pure water that helps to increase the quality of life for the customers. Read More.


Due to the customer support and the technology used by the Brita company they are the top most leading brand for manufacturing water filtration systems. This company is a leading company in terms of water filtration and similar products. They produce water purifiers that can be used at our home and that helps to remove many contaminants from the water. Heinz Hankamer was the founder of this brand and founded it in the 1960s. It has been more than 50 years that this company is serving in the market. Read More.


Pur is a well-known company that provides us a filtration system that helps us to PURdrink pure water. It was founded in the year 1986 by Brian Sullivan who was just 24 years old. They are developing innovative technology along with an affordable price for 30 years. This company has been certified for removing 99% of the chemicals from the water. They use the activated ion technology for removing the contaminants and lead from the water. Read More.



Culligan is not only about the water but it is much more than water. It provides a water filtration system that helps the customers to improve their life.  They help to produce clean water everywhere whether you are at the office or else your home. For 80 years they are serving as a top leading brand and is known to be a staple of drinking water. high-quality water softeners, water purifiers, and many products at an affordable rate are provided by this brand. Read More.


It has been more than 2 decades that Aquasana is serving as a water filtration manufacturing company. They are known to be one of the leading brands for quite so many years. In the USA market, they are known to be in the leading position. The products produced by them are NSF certified. They help the customer to drink pure water that is fully safe to drink and does not contain any contaminants or odor. Read More.



For those people who want to stay healthy and happy, this is the option for using any kind of filtration system of this brand. Apex is a company based in Southern California. They provide filtration systems for house owners as well as the commercial purpose. They are one of the best leading manufacturers of water filtration systems. All the Apex water filter system meets the NSF/ANSI standards. Apex is certified for removing 99% of contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, and arsenic from the water. Read More.


In the water filtration market of the USA Apec is known to be the leading brand. California is the state where the headquarters of this brand are situated. They make almost all the segments which you can choose as per your need. Reverse osmosis is the most known product of this brand and they were leading due to this product in the market. They have collected many valuable and happy customers for 2 decades. Read More.


DuPont is a manufacturer of water filtration systems and it is known as a global leader. They have created two kinds of products that help customers from getting ill. Products like a line of air and water filtration product have been manufactured by them. For many years DuPont is making synonymous with life-changing activities. They are working with the best technology and with their best performance for improving the lives of people. Read More.