Welcome to our site, a place where you will be guided onto how to choose the best water filter for your home. We have researched and understood that every house needs its own water filter and the requirement also depends on the size of your family, the size of the house, etc. Therefore we hope to help our readers with information that will help them to choose the best water filter for you.

Many questions cross our mind while buying a water filter system. Why do we need such systems? What are its components? Is it reliable for our house? Will it be safe? Well, you do not have to worry about all these questions because we got it all covered. By the end of this article, you will be more clearer than ever. Here are the types of water filter systems we reviewed.


Best Faucet Water Filter

These will provide you an inexpensive way of drinking healthy water. You can install them with a few simple steps and they are environmentally friendly as well.

Best Countertop Water Filter

They are very compact and suitable for any kitchen, easy to move with very less maintenance overall. They have a good capacity filter for a nuclear family.

Best Undersink Water Filter

It uses water pressure and not gravity. Their filters are denser to help them remove a greater range of potential contaminants from the water.

Best Whole-house Water Filter

Suitable for large consumptions of water. The water supply from these filters are high and can prove to be a good 1 time investment.

Why Water Filter is Necessary For You?

There are some things that we do not like to compromise with and one of those things is the health of our family. Choosing a suitable water filter system for your home becomes an important task because it directly impacts the health of our loved ones and our own. There are many kinds of the water filter systems and it comes in many ranges. It is not always necessary that the most expensive one is the best one. Some are just expensive and some are actually better in the functioning and the water filtration.

You do not have to worry about how will you find that perfect water filter for your home. You can rely on us and just keep moving forward with our reviews to make your decision much stronger and confident in nature. We hope our research makes your work easier and helps you to make a decision for yourself. We ensure you that buying a water filter system will not be a decision that you will regret.

6 Helps Your Water Filter Provides

  • Filtering raw water results in providing better tasting and smelling water.
  • These water filters can help to remove lead, which can be proved to be harmful.
  • Your water filter can work as a replacement for a number of bottled water.
  • Some systems help you to balance the pH level of your drinking water and keep your healthy minerals.
  • Water is also utilized for cooking making it more necessary to keep it clean and healthy.
  • It is a fact if children drink healthy water, it helps them in the development of their immune systems.

What Should Your Water Filter Have?

Well, there are various types of water filter systems that we have in the market. But most of them have a basic working pattern and follow up with our requirements. Even though we have listed different types of systems in the below section of this article. Here are some general components of a residential reverse osmosis drinking water filter system to give you an idea for the same.

Water Supply Connector
This can be also known as a feedwater supply, which is a requirement to get a water filter system. This helps you connect your house supply to a cold water supply with required plumbing configurations.
Sediment Pre-filter
These filters remove any kind of sand or grit that is present in the raw water. Insoluble iron oxides and other pollutants can cause clogging in the membrane surface. Thus, making it an important component.
Carbon Filter for Chlorine Removal
Since most city water has a chlorine level of 1.0mg/L, this carbon filter allows you to remove chlorine. It usually prevents the growth of any kind of harmful bacteria and viruses in the system.
Reverse Osmosis Membrane
You can consider this as the membrane that takes up most of the work in this water filter system. It cleans 96% of the total solids that are dissolved. It sends the rejected filtered water to the storage tank.
Auto Shut-off Valve
The main purpose of the ASO valve is to eliminate the drain flow when it is marking the tank to be full.
Check Valve
This valve is to prevent filtered water that might be pressurized to flow back from the storage tank.
Post Carbon Filter
These particular filters make sure to remove any kinds of tastes or odors left in the water. The contact time of this filter is higher as the velocity of the water is slow over here. Thus, making it an optimum source to have higher adsorption effectiveness in the system.
Pressurized Water Storage Tank
This tank stores the filtered water which comes from the membrane and provides water when the user turns on the faucet. Even though this does not sound much work, the air pressure is controlled because of this to push the water out and serve the user.
Look for NSF Standards

The National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) follows the ANSI which is the American National Standards Institute and their norms for development. Usually, such standards or norms are developed with the help of joint committees. Here we have Council of Public Health Consultants(CPHC) which serves as an independent team that finalizes and provides the foundation with final reviews. There are a few subcategories that come under the NSF for water filter systems that are Council of Public Health Consultants(CPHC) and Health Advisory Board (HAB)

Obtaining NSF Standards

Since technology has made it so easy for all of us, we can easily provide you with the NSF standards through the NSF Bookstore. Even though the norms are available, one has to fill up the standard procedure form to be able to access them. In case the person is an active member of any federal, state, or local community, then only they can send in a request for the same. They are bound to not share these NSF standards outside their agency and that is the rule.

Choose Your Water Filter As Per Requirement

Well, as you might now know that we are providing you with information regarding the water filter systems. As we try to cover most of your doubts and things that pop up in your mind generally. We thought to provide a bit extra, just in case you want to know a bit more. Hence, we would like to talk about some of the types of water filters. Even though we came up with the most common four, we hope they will help you in deciding your product.

Faucet Water Filters

Faucet Water Filters

If you are looking for an inexpensive way of drinking healthier water, then the faucet water filters must be your choice of system. Not only are they easily installable, but they are also effective in removing unwanted products. They are environmentally friendly as they do not produce any kind of wastewater, plus they don’t require electricity. We came up with this section to provide you a small brief to give you an idea of the product. Faucet water filters are up and running in the market in great demand.

Countertop Water Filters

Countertop Water Filters

To state is before, a countertop water filter system is a point-of-use system. Meaning that they can be installed as per your choice of where you want to access the water from and it will be done. It will directly dispense the treated water in your kitchen and you don’t have to worry about anything else. There are a variety of countertop filters and they have variations in the products as well. People are buying more and more countertop filters because they are sleek in design, takes less place, and provide a good quantity of water.

Undersink Water Filters

Undersink Water Filters

This particular kind of filter is beneficial for it filters a large amount of water. Also, they do not take up the countertop space and keeps it nice and clean as well. They are installed under your sink and the water is sent through a pipe and filtered through a faucet installed for this individual only. Even though it might be a bit expensive, the product has its pros and cons, take a look at the under sink filter review and make up your mind.

Whole House Water Filters

Wholehouse Water Filters

A whole house water filter system is installed directly to your main water line, hence making all water dispensers to dispense treated water. If you have a yard or lawn, you may need to consult with your house’s blueprint so the city water line and your main water line work accordingly. This is a good way to generalize all of your water dispense of faucets, toilets, kitchens, etc into one main line. If you are looking to install such kind of system, you should take a detailed look at our whole house filter review to understand its working and advantages.

Different Processes of Water Filters

Usually, there are two types of techniques used to remove dirt, physical filtration, and chemical filtration. In physical filtration, you can simply strain out the water and remove big particles. While in chemical filtration you pass the raw water through a process where it removes contaminants chemically. Either way, both of the methods help you clean out impurities and help you drink healthier water. Here, we would like to tell you about the different types of Water Filteration processes below. So, read and carry on, we hope this will help you learn more.

1. Distillation One can simply boil water to kill bacteria, but that does not remove the harmful chemicals from it. Thus, distillation means you boil water till it is turned into steam and then condenses the steam back into the water in a different container. Even though water boils off a lot of contaminants through this, but impurities like Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs don’t wear off, making this not the ideal process of filtration.

2. Reverse Osmosis People usually prefer this type of water filter system because it removes all kinds of impurities. Not only does it make the water drinkable and not dangerous anymore, but also makes the filtered water clear and odor-free for you. As we know, knowing this much is not enough to install something that will affect your family and lifestyle. Thus, we have provided an article for you to learn more, please click on the link to follow up.

3. UV Disinfection As per more learning and growth in technology towards a healthier lifestyle, this is one of the latest technologies in the market. Through this technology, the ultraviolet radiation is meant to treat water but killing off all the bacteria in the water. This is also an environmentally friendly approach towards water treatment as it does not use any chemicals. Thus, making it suitable for a homely environment.

4. Activated Carbon Block These kinds of water filter systems are to remove large particles like sediments and silt. The process of such filters is that they attract and absorb these particles in such a way that they swoop off from the faucet. Just like an RO system, this will also give you an odor-free and tastier result. As they extract out all the dirt, chlorine, and any other contaminants with a foul smell.

5. Activated Alumina It does not filter the contaminants like other systems, instead, it absorbs them. The effect of its absorption depends on the contaminant also no doubt, but it can be taken care of with device designs and the quality of water. This can be a great method to treat water which has a source of high sulfate concentration.

6. Ionization The filters are of sodium ions while the raw/hard water contains magnesium and calcium ions in their true form. Here, the filter beads attract the hard water ions and trap them and release the sodium ions to take their place. Well, without the magnesium and calcium ions, the water tends to become softer and making it taste good too.

Benefits of Installing A Water Filter

Water is the most basic and vitally important source to survive a healthy life. It has numerous uses in our day to day activities, making it more significant to keep it safe for usage. It does not depend if you have a municipal connection or a private one, either of it requires filtration to remove impurities. Even if one says that their water is pure or not containing any impurities, the constant mineral deposition can cause damages. It may hinder your appliances over a while and make various kinds of contamination as well. Here are a few benefits of installing a water filter system for you to keep a better track.

Safer Drinking Water

It does not matter from where your water comes, every one of it contains some amount of contaminants. You can be only sure if your water is drinkable by testing it regularly. Hence, installing such systems will determine that your water is under the supervision and staying healthy for you to consume.

Healthier Baths And Showers

Usually, people ignore the fact that using unhealthy water to bathe or shower in it is also harmful. You may be not drinking the chlorine or chemical containing water, but your skin can still absorb them. Your house should be well equipped so the next time you drink water even from the kitchen faucet, it should be uncontaminated.

Long Lasting Plumbing And Appliances

Even if your water is harmless, over a while the collection of certain minerals may wreak your appliances and plumbing. Thus, having a good filtration system, not only ensures good water for you but also gives your plumbing system a longer life. Also, making it a point of fewer expenses on the extras and taking care of it till a good durable amount of time.

Better For The Environment

To buy bottled water for some unavoidable context is okay, but to have a habit of it is not. Buying these bottled water costs way more than any of these water filter systems, to be honest. Not only they are costlier, but they are hazardous to our environment. Many companies throw the used bottles back into the ocean, making it more difficult to purify. Thus, install a filtration system for your house, and keep your family and environment a safer place for all.

How To Maintain Your Water Filters?

Installing a water filtration system is a good step towards a healthier lifestyle. But maintaining the same is as important as buying it. As we rely on them every single day, it is obvious for the system to require some care and support from our side right. You can keep your reliable plumber and the water filter system company on speed dial, but here are some easy steps which you should keep in mind.

Regular Cleaning Routine

Try that you don’t use any heavy products which leave another trace in the system which leads to contamination. Sanitize all the parts of the system and clean them regularly and you are done by your end. Even though it depends on what kind of system you use, you can ask the designated person while installation only. They will brief you of all the dos and don’t that you need to follow. In case of any other emergency, you can always contact the customer care and they will be there for you.

New Filter Cartridges

In case the filter is left for too long, it may create a problem of clogging and not cleaning up the water. Thus, you need to note the next date when the filter requires to be changed. Please make sure that you read your guidelines and follow by changing the appropriate cartridge for your system. Also, ask the person to make sure there is no leakage in the filter as it may cause hindrance in the cleaning process.

System Replacement

Like any other appliances, these water filter systems also have a specific lifespan. But you don’t need to panic as you can easily replace the old one with a new one and you are good to go. The priority of this system will always be your health and your well being, hence make sure you take care of its health too.

Water Filter Water Purifier
It is more of a porous substance like activated carbon or alumina which removes the larger sediments from the raw water. Even though filters are important they are not the optimum choice for municipal or well water connection. As they can make the water taste good and odor-free, there are still chemicals that are left inside the water. And unfortunately, no amount of filters or its combination can remove these toxic chemicals. Well, this system is known to remove about 90-95% of all the toxic chemicals in your water. We have already discussed these purify above, but reverse-osmosis, deionization, and distillation are the top three. Due to their capabilities, it makes our water drinkable and provides us with a true form of purity.

Our Verdict

Every product has its own properties and it provides advantages and disadvantages accordingly. You should not hesitate to look for options, therefore we have provided reviews on the different water filter systems. Now it is on you to decide which one looks suitable for your home. Our motive is only to provide you with options and give reviews on different water filters. Only you know what is best for you, although if there are any doubts for us, you can surely ask us in the comment section below.